In this video I share my experiences with keeping the Pandinus imperator known commonly as the Emperor Scorpion. I break down how I care for my scorpions, how I set up their enclosures, how often and how much I feed them and many other husbandry topics. I also highlight the difference between the Asian Forest Scorpion(Heterometrus spinifer) and the Emperor Scorpion (Pandinus imperator) as well as the Red Cave Scorpion (Pandinus viatoris). If you have a P. imperator or are considering getting one in the future (or you just want to see some cool footage of scorpions)…definitely check out this video!

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00:00 intro
00:52 difference between Emperor, Red Cave and Asian Forest Scorpion
02:29 size and lifespan
02:50 venom potency
03:35 handling
04:25 location, enclosure set up, husbandry
06:03 temperature and using heat pads
0739 how much to feed
08:29 bioactive enclosure
09:01 keeping Emperor Scorpions in a communal
09:39 wrap up


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