The small dogs just seem to squeeze so much into their day! Maybe because it’s only once a fortnight, not like the other dogs who come weekly, so I think the little dogs simply have been hanging out for their day at the farm a little more! It was a fantastic day and little Elle and Evie visited several times as well as at the end of the day to help dad with the doggy head massages!
Today we celebrated 3 beautiful girl’s birthdays at the farm! Daphne the Jack Russell Terrier’s 4th birthday, Kinnie the Mini Schnauzer’s 1st and Ruby the Cavoodle’s 3rd! We have several ways you can celebrate your birthday at the farm, and today these girls’ pawrents all chose different celebrations which was exciting! First up was Daphne’s tea pawty, then Kinnie had her favourite, a private lure session in the paddock and Ruby had a private swim session to increase her confidence in the water. Happiest of birthdays to Daphne, Kinnie and Ruby today!

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